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Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona

Arizona's Greatest Treasure

         In 1980's the Governor at the time, Bruce Babbitt, was hiking the beautiful trails Sedona had to offer with some of his friends. The group happened upon a trail when they were approached by an individual informing them their hike had taken them on private land and had to leave. Governor Babbitt realized by this experience that some of Arizona's most beautiful nature was being cut off from the public by privately owned property. After this hike the Governor researched the local property owners and went to the State Park Department to come up with a solution to create a new recreation area for the public. The negotiations were complicated, including many trades and legislation. It would not be officially dedicated till over a decade later on October 19th, 1991. Bruce Babbitt's vision was realized and it soon became one the most popular state parks in all of Arizona.
 The park became popular for it's beautiful Red Rock scenery. The amazing rock formations around the property have given Sedona much of it's fame. People also come for the beautiful wild life as well. Guests can view mule deer, packs of Javelinas, Coyotes, and dozens of birds species. The state park even hosts bird walks every week on Wednesday and Saturday for those interested in the diverse bird residents. For those wanting a preview of the wildlife in the park several trail cameras were set up throughout the park and can be viewed on the park's facebook, instagram, or twitter.
 The park also holds a variety of trails including Hiking Trails, Equestrian Trails, and Biking Trails. Popular hiking trails include the Eagle's Nest Loop, the Apache Fire Loop, the Coyote Ridge Trail, the Kisva Trail, the Yavapai Ridge Trail and the Javelina Trail, The Equestrian trails are limited in the park, but nearby trails include the Turkey Creek Trail and the Lime Kiln Trail. The Bike Loops include Cathedral Bike Loop, the Verde Valley School Road, and the upper Loop Road. The Lime Kiln Road links specifically to the nearby Dead Horse Ranch State Park and is available to hikers, bikers, and equestrians.
Whether this is your first time or fiftieth the Red Rock State Park has new and exciting activities for everyone. Experience the best nature Arizona has to offer at Red Rock State Park.