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Dining in Sedona, Arizona

Bringing Healthy Eating to Sedona

Berry Divine first began in the owner's, Todd Shreve, hometown of Sedona. He found that Sedona had a real need for healthy food options for visitors and locals alike. Sedona itself is filled with amazing hiking trails, yoga, biking excursions, and rock climbing. Such active attractions needed an outlet of healthy food to energize its patrons. The need was definitely there, but Todd Shreve didn't find the solution until he discovered Acai Bowls on his trip to Hawaii. Acai bowls were perfect vessels for fruit, nuts, protein and flavor. Everything that people needed to live a happier and healthier life. Thus Berry Divine and it's delicious Acai Bowls were born in Sedona with a commitment to improve their patrons and the community.

Berry Divine is also an environmentally conscious business. Their recipes and menus are crafted to maximize food and minimize food waste to near zero. All non-food items like cardboard, plastic, and gas are recycled to minimize their carbon foot print. Even their bowls and spoons are made from corn instead of petroleum so they are biodegradable.

Aside from being good to your body and the environment Berry Divine also strives to provide the best tastes straight from nature. Their bowls come in either Soft Serve or Traditional Acai Blends. Soft Serve bases are a frozen blend of Acai Berry, Apple Juice, Beet Juice, Lemon Juice, and Cane Juice. For those wanting a more authentic taste the Traditional option is Acai Berry blended with a variety of frozen fruits and superfoods unique to the Item menu. Their famous Sedona Bowl includes strawberries, banana, hemp seed granola, and honey as toppings. The traditional Acai berry base itself is then blended with strawberries, banana, and almond milk.

Boost your stay and your trip by visiting the original Berry Divine. Enjoy Arizona's stunning nature views with the best foods nature has to offer. Berry Divine is a must visit for anyone traveling to the Sedona area.